When it comes to being a homeowner, there are a bunch of hats you have to wear. From providing enough food on the table to ensuring that everyone under the same roof is comfortable and safe, you need to bear in mind a bunch of household maintenance work.

Although you can keep your home up and running on most days, sometimes you may have to deal with pesky issues. And one of the most common issues that can be pretty tricky to deal with is roof leaks. There’s a wide range of leaky roof issues you can deal with — from small and harmless leaks to severe water damage.

With that being said, no matter the severity, it’s always a good idea to get it fixed right away and call the best roofing company in town. This way, you can reduce the chances of your leaky roof from getting any worse and ensure the safety of the people on your property.

If you’re wondering how you’ve gotten to have a leaky roof in the first place, you’d be surprised to know that there are a bunch of reasons for this. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of common roof leak causes so you can avoid this in the future. Let’s take a look!

Cause #1: Improper Installation of Skylights

When you’re dealing with skylights that weren’t installed properly, leaks from this cause are quite easy to spot. You can find Skylight-related leaks on the side or near the top of the skylight. They could happen either due to poor installation or decaying insulation.

To remedy this, it’s best to check for damage and clean off any debris from the skylight. After that, begin by sealing any crack and applying a clear coat of silicone. It’s crucial to check for skylight damage because it can lead to extra moisture and pose more foundation problems.

Cause #2: Clogged Gutters

Another common cause of a leaky roof is that you may be dealing with clogged gutters. When you’re starting to experience leaks and see twigs and sticks sticking out of your gutter, you might’ve just found the cause of the leaks.

Clogged gutters often happen straight after a storm or when you don’t clean your gutter regularly. When there is a blockage, the water stops traveling and creates a pool in the area, adding more weight to the gutters and potentially damaging the surface, leading to leaks.

Cause #3: Condensation in Your Attic

When there is a leak coming from your attic, that could mean that there is condensation in the space and is a possible sign of mold or mildew growth.

In some cases, this type of cause isn’t visible right away. You’ll know you’re dealing with condensation and mold when you step into the room, and a strong, musty odor immediately welcomes you.

When you’re dealing with this issue, it’s best to call the best roofing companies immediately so they can repair and replace what needs to be fixed. Additionally, they can guide you to help you avoid this issue in the future.

The Bottom Line: Leaky Roofs Can Happen to Any Roof, So It’s Best to Be Prepared

These are only some of the most common causes of a leaky roof, but knowing what could cause these leaks and wet puddles could help you prevent these issues from happening in your home. With the right care, maintenance, and repairs, you’ll get to keep your family safe, comfortable, and protected.

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