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Adding new windows can enhance your home. Replacement windows matter; they will add value to your home, help your home become more energy efficient and make your home look like new. And no one offers higher-quality products with better long-term value than Roofing and Siding of Cape Cod and Boston. We have been serving families since 2010.  




Skylights are very aptly named; they are windows that point straight to the sky, and that can mean serious light in your home. They are great for places that don’t have windows, such as a bathroom that sits in the middle of the house. In many cases, the sunlight streaming through the skylights means that you don’t have to use any other lighting at all. Skylights are a good investment, if your desire is to enhance the aesthetics of your home. They will provide an impressive amount of natural light while giving you a snapshot of the night sky. And like many other architectural enhancements, skylights can add to the resale value of your home. Skylights can also provide natural ventilation, providing you have the hinged-style so that you can open the window up to let air in.

Proper installation is absolutely crucial — without it, skylights can leak, and that can cause serious damage to your home in a very short period of time. Condensation can also build up on skylights, and that leads to more gradual water damage — but it’s damage nonetheless.



Bay windows are a great addition to your kitchen or living area. They add extra dimension to your living space. 



The most common type of window. Single hung windows open vertically with their bottom window panel or lower sash moving up and down, and the upper sash remaining stationary. This means that when you open the window, the upper sash is covered on the inside. In fact, how these sections move is the major difference between single hung and double hung windows.

A double-hung window is similar to a single hung window, however, both the lower sash as well as the upper sash can move up and down and usually tilt out for easy cleaning and maintenance.



Quick and inexpensive installation. Does not require interior/exterior trim removal.



“Communication was great and they were responsive and accommodating.
Job was completed in less time than estimated and cleanup was very good. Thanks for a great job!”

Marcia Johnson

“They did an amazing job replacing the roof on my house. They were accomodating around my schedule and showed up when they said they would. They didn’t cut any corners, they put flashing/starter strips/ice and rain where it needed to be. They were very quick and i would definitely use them again.”

Brown Family

“Roofing and Siding of Cape Cod did a great Job. I would recommend them to my friends and Family.
Scott the Project manager was great always there for questions and did the Job quick.”

Karen Wolusky