Out of all the parts of a home, the roof is easily one of the most important, if not the most crucial. It serves as protection for you and your loved ones from the elements and more. Roofing systems require maintenance, but unfortunately, not all practices are actually helpful. Some cause more harm than good, even if they seem like a good idea at the time.

Read on to learn more about roof maintenance practices that aren’t helpful:

Not Addressing Missing Shingles

Even a single shingle going missing should not be overlooked. That lone shingle can trigger leaks which can, in turn, bring damages. The moment you see a missing shingle, call for repairs so it can be replaced.

Not Cleaning the Gutter on a Regular Basis

There’s really nothing major when it comes to cleaning gutters. What most people actually struggle within this regard is remembering to get the job done in the first place. Gutter cleaning should be annual at the bare minimum. When a disaster occurs or there are notable clogs or tree debris, it should be done immediately.

Not Getting Repairs That Are Needed in a Timely Manner

This is an unhelpful practice that plenty of people, unfortunately, have the tendency to take on. Sure, there are valid reasons (usually related to finances), but ideally, repairs should be done immediately. Whether it’s repair or replacement of things like shingles or whatnot, there will certainly be spending to be done. However, addressing minor issues as soon as they’re spotted will always be less costly than neglecting them, which can turn into major problems that are usually more expensive. Whether minor or major repairs, a professional will be helpful.

Not Opting for a Replacement When It’s Obviously Needed Already

Some people think that patch-up jobs can hold off pricey replacements. Others feel that investing in extensive repairs will do the same trick at a relatively cheaper price. Both of those assumptions aren’t just wrong; they’re downright harmful to any roof. If a roof replacement is in order, it should happen without delay.

Not Using Material with Good Quality

In an attempt to save funds somehow, many people have a tendency to pick cheap materials for their roof repair or replacement. Unfortunately, the prices are low because the quality of the material is low as well. This doesn’t just count towards major components like shingles or the roof type; even the type of nail can make all the difference. The last thing you want is to spend on repairs only to have to spend even more to correct them because they were inefficient.


The roofing system is arguably the most important part of any home (and structure in general, really). In an attempt to maintain their roofs, however, some people have unfortunately picked up unhelpful practices. Things that do roofing more harm than good include not using materials of good quality, not getting repairs that are needed in a timely manner, and not opting for a replacement when it’s obviously needed already.

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