There are several key maintenance aspects that go into keeping a home in tip-top shape. Most people will likely think of getting their septic tank cleared out. Something that’s equally important is calling roofing contractors near Needham in order to get a proper roof inspection. It’s a necessary chore that’s unfortunately overlooked far too often, and the consequences are quite harmful.

Why Is Regular Roof Inspection Crucial?

It’s key to have a reputable residential roofing company check your roof regularly. This is in order for any issues to be found in the early stages. Being able to nip issues in the bud and conduct repairs early on will prevent the need for procedures that will likely cost far more in the future.

More importantly, it will allow the existing roof’s lifespan to be prolonged. That will be incredibly helpful in that a need for replacement will not be so sudden. It also helps to make sure that you, your family, and the house itself are well-protected.

What are things homeowners shouldn’t miss when roofs are inspected?

Inspecting a roof is best left to professionals, but whether you do it or you outsource, make sure the following aren’t missed out on:

Inspection of the Inside Roof

Before the roof proper is checked out, of course, the inner part should also be looked at as well. Look at your walls, and look at your ceilings also. If there are any circles or dark stains, that means there are water spots from a leak. A good starting point for the source would be dark areas in particular or mold in the attic. Those are sure signs of moisture under your roof, likely through the decking. Rafters that have sagging between is another red flag to watch out for, as well as any light that may be coming through even indoors.

Inspection of the Outside Roof

A good starting point for checking out the outer roof proper is to do it from the ground up. Look at the state of the shingles; check if even a single one is missing. See if there are any flapping ones, loose ones, or pieces that have either curled or cracked. Check if the soffits, gutters, and eaves have some type of damage. Debris is normal, but not if there’s a rather large amount of it. Moss is also something to worry about.

Inspection From the Top of the Roof

Inspecting the roof from the top itself allows for a more thorough inspection. Clogged gutters, damaged shingles, granules from shingles, and more are things to worry about. It’s also key to check on the flashing of the roof since it protects the areas of transition around skylights, chimneys, and more. When flashing is damaged or missing, it can lead to rotting and affect your roof’s structural integrity.


Roof inspection is often overlooked by homeowners, which is a rather dangerous and costly mistake to make. There should be an inspection of the inside roof, the outside roof, and from atop the roof. Key red flags include possible signs of a leak, damaged or missing shingles, and moss.

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