The roof is easily one of the most important defenses of a home overall, shielding the occupants from the harshness of the elements. While occurrences can take place wherein calling for repairs becomes necessary, there’s a point when replacement is the only option.

Here are some rather blatant signs that a roof must be replaced by a licensed roofing contractor:

1. Algae Growth or Tar Streaking

This is typically caused by bacteria that eat away at the weatherproofing properties of shingles. When a shingle manufacturing company is a cheap sort, the fillers they use are usually limestone. That way, the shingle production’s cost is low. Algae will end up eating away at limestone, which will lead to black streaks. That will cause the weatherproofing properties to be compromised.

2. Buckled or Curled Shingles

When your roof has buckled or curled shingles, it’s definitely aged. This usually happens because the attic space has moisture. In turn, nails are forced to push up and out of the roof, particularly the decking. When this happens, your home could be prone to shingles blowing off when a storm comes. It can also expose your home to outside elements.

3. Entire Shingles Missing

Water will have a pathway to freely enter your home when entire shingles go missing.

4. Granules Missing

When there are granules that go missing, it means your roof is losing its weatherproofing properties at a rate that should alarm you. In order to determine whether granules have gone missing, check for granule buildup in your gutters. You can also look for granules in your downspout splash block. In certain situations, it can be shaken; when there’s a rattling sound from there, that’s a sign of granules falling off from shingles.

5. Mold and Moisture

An attic that’s not properly vented will lead to the rising of warm, moist air. That same warm air can end up trapped in the attic. The moment that happens, there will be a development of condensation on the roof’s underside. That will lead to nails rusting and, after some time, the growth of mold.

When plywood is left out long enough, it will end up rotting. In that case, you will undoubtedly need your roof to be replaced. It’s not just old roofs that this can end up happening to. New roofs can also experience this. Occasionally, this is caused by over-insulating, leading to some vents being blocked. Much like a car, there’s a need for appropriate intake (soffits) in every home. Another necessity is the ridge vent, more commonly known as the exhaust.

Both mildew and mold are a high-risk health hazard that’s incredibly intense. This is why proper ventilation and intake are non-negotiables when it comes to your roof.


The roof is one of the most crucial parts of a home. It protects both the structure and the occupants within. Sometimes, repairs won’t cut it anymore, and a residential roofing company needs to be called in for a replacement. Signs of this being necessary include algae growth or tar streaking, buckled or curled shingles, and missing granules.

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