As a homeowner, you definitely know that no type of problem can give you the biggest headache (or pain in the wallet) than a problem that you’ll end up experiencing in your house.

From drywall issues and structural decay to electrical issues and plumbing pitfalls, the list of potential problems that you’ll need to worry about along the way is nearly endless. Regardless of how old your home is, how long you’ve been in it, or what an agent or seller told you about it, the unfortunate truth is that there’s no such thing as a home issue you don’t need to worry over.

Among the different problems you can experience with your home, none are as troublesome or complicated to deal with as roof leaks. And this brings us to our topic for the day: what causes roof leaks, in the first place?

Common causes that you should be aware of

If you’ve ever dealt with a leaky roof, then you’re likely familiar with just how much trouble such a problem bears. But the chances are that you’re not entirely sure or aware of what caused such problems to happen.

For thousands of homeowners all over Boston, the perils of dealing with a leaky roof range from minor inconveniences to life and safety-threatening issues that cost upwards of thousands of dollars when overlooked. However, beating the problem involves being aware of the common causes and preventing them as much as possible before they end up starting it in the first place.

Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about putting your home, yourself, loved ones, or bank account at risk of problems caused by roof leaks because we’ve got you covered with this list of common catalysts to be aware of:

1. Cracked flashing

Most distinguishable by visible cracks on the flashing itself, this particular roof leak culprit is one of the most common reasons homeowners end up calling Roofing And Siding Of Boston for help as soon as possible.

Oftentimes, cracked flashing ends up happening after the flashing pieces are continuously exposed to outdoor elements such as rain, wind, and aggressive sunlight over the years. Once problems begin to show, the cracks end up compromising the necessary water resistance that a roofing set-up relies on to maintain comfort and insulation—leading to leaks as a result.

2. Broken shingles

If a roof isn’t leaking because of cracked flashing, then it’s most likely caused by another common culprit: broken shingles.

Like cracked flashing, broken shingles are a problem that is commonly linked to constant exposure to various elements of nature that take a toll on the surface of these components. For those who live in Boston (and Massachusetts, in general), this problem is especially common because of the area’s high winds and heavy rains.

Unfortunately, broken shingles are a problem that needs to be addressed by getting a full replacement instead of a partial one, as one wrecked shingle is a sign that there are dozens of others with the same issue!

If you end up dealing with either of these problems, be sure to contact the experts over at Roofing and Siding Of Boston today so that we can take care of the problem ASAP!


Dealing with a leaking roof will never be a pleasant experience because of the major problems it poses in the long run. But knowing what causes such an issue will allow you to stay on top of it. By taking note of this guide and all the key points mentioned above, you can help ensure that you can keep your home as safe and secure as possible!

Are you looking for a local roofing company in Massachusetts to help handle your leaky roof? We’ve got you covered. Get in touch with us today to get a free quote!